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Xpert Hire Hinowa Tracked Access Platform Hoists up to heights of 17mts

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These machines are designed for accessing those narrow, hard to reach areas and for getting around in the most challenging of conditions. The Gold Lift can be used outdoors with its petrol or diesel engine and indoors it can be simply plugged into the mains. The Hinowa Track Platforms have hydraulically operated extending tracks to increase stability when on the move and loading and unloading from a trailer or truck, yet the tracks can be closed to allow the hoist to fit through a standard doorway (with the cage removed). They Gold Lift 1470 IIIS can accommodate two operatives up to 12.63mts and one operator at 14mts. The Gold Lift 1780 IIIS can accommodate two operatives up to 15.22mts and one operator to 16.91mts. The Gold Lifts are fitted with load sensors to ensure its limits cannot be exceeded. The new IIIS Gold Lift Hoists are equiped with a full remote driving system and can be stabilized and leveled automatically. This is arguably one of the smoothest and easiest Tracked Access Platform Hoist to operate on the market.



Hinowa Gold Lift 1470

This is the most common small size tracked boom lift in the rental fleets.The traditional hydraulic controls allow an immediate and intuitive use. Reduced machine dimensions (width 78 cm for an height less than 2 meters). It is equipped with a petrol engine and with an electric 110V motor. The widening system of the undercarriage is standard .The load cell allows a load from 120 to 200 kg to be selected.

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Hinowa Gold Lift 17.80 XL IIIS

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Hinowa engineers team made every effort to create a tracked aerial platform technologically advanced keeping at the same time the wellknown philosophy of use of the GoldLift 14.70.

The goals were clear:“increase the working performance, maximizing the safety level and keeping the simplicity of the existing machine, making it attractive to a wider range of users”

IIIS system: the machine adopts the new IIIS system, used on Light Lifts as well (Self-Stabilizing & Destabilizing system).

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